Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Nancy's Bouquet

Nancy's Bouquet   Oil on linen board   11x14

I just completed this picture, although I started in in November, at a workshop presented by artist Nancy Medina. Nancy's beautiful flowers always inspired me, although she paints in a more impressionistic style. I wanted to learn something...get away from the more realistic renditions that I love....and this picture grew out of that!   Thanks, Nancy.  I am please with the way this turned out and the breezy feeling of the flowers.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

La Hacienda

La Hacienda   8x10 oil on canvas

This gate is similar to the one at the famous Hacienda del Sol guest ranch, where my daughter got married many years ago. We both have an affection for it!  This picture is painted on canvas rather than the usual linen board, so there is a lot of texture to the board and the paint. I thought that would be appropriate for a stone wall... a famous one at that!

A Sticky Situation - Cactus Wren

A Sticky Situation - Cactus Wren   11x16 Oil on linen board

I know it seems odd that someone who loves to paint still life subjects would decide to paint a cactus wren!  But this IS the state bird of Arizona...and they are such curious little birds. One hopped into my house many years ago...and it was comical to see how I finally got it back outside, using a pool scoop attached to a long handle.  Cactus wrens are very common in the Sonoran desert, although they are usually associated with Cholla cactus, where they build their nests rather than the plate cactus where the little guy in the picture has landed.

White Pitcher and Fruit

White Pitcher and Fruit   8x10 oil on linen

I challenged myself to paint a white pitcher...a task that is difficult for me. Apples, with all their colors seem easier by far. A white pitcher is always a mountain to climb!  Once I had done that exercise, I added a mug and some grapes and the white pitcher seemed at home.

White Rose and Apples

White Rose and Apples   8x10  oil on linen

When I began this picture, I had intended it as a study for a larger piece. But as it has happened several times before, I loved the little rose and the way the loose petal floated in the silver bowl. So the picture soon became a favorite and it was mounted and framed.

The Jade Plant

The Jade Plant   8x8 oil on linen board

This is another small picture...just 8x8...and bought from the wall in the gallery soon after it was put up. I loved the challenge of the small talavera pot and the leaves of the jade plant. I think I will try painting more plants in the future.

Talavera Pots

Talavera Pots   8x8  oil on linen board

These pots sit on the fireplace ledge in my backyard. I love the challenge of painting the very stylized flowers originally painted on the pots by artists in Mexico. I began to paint these sitting on the warm patio...a beautiful day. I didn't count on the breeze that came along and ruffled the disposable paper palette I was using. Yipes! the page folded in half with all the paint on it!  Once I saw circumstances were too windy for plein aire, I took many photos and continued in the studio from the photos.